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Online Macrobiotic Winter Conference

January 20 – 26, 2019

“This has been a fabulous Winter Conference.  Every single workshop was so worthwhile.  They were all so different, and illuminated Macrobiotics from so many different angles.  I feel very inspired, and I have also learned a lot.”—Elizabeth Moreland

“This conference helped me recommit to macrobiotics and my awareness of what and how I am eating. Thank you so much for this gift! My motivation has increased and my actions are following already."—Susan Conzelman

“I really enjoyed all the presentations. Great idea to have the conference online. Also, loved that there were so many female presenters.”—Nina Sabolik

The Online Macrobiotic Winter Conference is the first of its kind, bringing macrobiotic friends together from around the planet

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, come join us and participate in this informative, inspiring, mid-winter forum with dozens of like-minded friends and families around the planet. 

There are three live sessions planned daily, Monday through Friday, January 21-25, at 12 noon, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST. At the end of each session, time is allotted for live Q&As.

The opening session on Sunday, January 20, will be an orientation with organizers Bettina Zumdick, Alex Jack, and Edward Esko.

Invited presenters include: Christina Pirello, Tom Monte, Virginia Harper, Warren Kramer, Bill Tara, Valentina Nelissen, David & Nicola McCarthy, Jessica Porter, Denny & Susan Waxman, Sommer White, M.D., Sachi Kato, Fatima Mansoori, and Patricio Garcia de Paredes. 

The concluding presentation will be held on Saturday, January 26, with the hosts. Opening & closing are free but you must sign up.

All sessions will be recorded, and you will be able to watch missed presentations at your convenience online for up to 6 weeks after the end of the actual event.

When we awaken to our greater selves and align our Ki, or naturally streaming life energy, with others, we contribute to the critical mass that can change the world.

Cost: Entire Conference: $295 • Per Diem Rate: $79 (Please specify date) • Other Ways to Sign Up:

2.     Sign up on directly (under this event’s name)

3.     Send check and your email address to Planetary Health, Inc. Box 487, Becket MA 01223


More Comments from Last Year’s Event:

“Absolutely fantastic! A brilliant idea!”—David Stephen Rubin

"Thank you so much for everything!  The most amazing and informative conference I've ever had the privilege of attending!”—Jeb Hibpshman

 “It was so great to see macrobiotic friends enjoying a lecture similar to what they would attend in Becket or at our new summer conference without having to leave their homes! The lectures were dynamic, funny and very informative. I was so happy to see macrobiotic information being shared since the loss of the Institute!”Sheri-Lynn DeMaris

“That conference was just remarkable. I was amazed at the quality of the presentations and the range of topics.”—Ariane Cherbuliez

“Christina inspired me to cook again! I adored the ballerina (Valentina). I was also very, very moved by Tom Monte lecture. It really resonated with me. Thank you again for this wonderful forum.”—Fran Verma

“I really loved it. Just being united via on line with everyone felt good. The information was great! I'm sad it is over."—Jean Edelman

 “Kudos for the conference and all the organizing that you did to make it happen. I loved the gender parity!”—Cathy Albanese

“I have enjoyed the ease of attending a Macro conference via the Webinar because I could watch in my jammies if I wanted!”—Dorcas Gerace

“Great program! Very informative! I was able to catch a few sessions live but loved being able to watch the rest on my own time. It did feel l like being in a spaceship with friends! Please do it again soon!”—Alice Fava