Starbucks and Psoriasis

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By Bob Heaton

I have been living with psoriasis for almost 20 years. I used photo light treatments for the first fifteen years to manage my symptoms, but five years ago I had to stop because I was no longer responsive to the photo light treatments and my skin was sustaining too much sun damage. I began taking medication in pill form, but this did not provide the level of relief I sought, so I eventually transitioned to an injection therapy. 

A little over a year ago I began studying different diets: vegetarian, vegan, and stumbled across macrobiotics. I found the philosophies and recommendations interesting, but I put it aside. 

A few months later I was having dinner with a friend, and he pulled out all of these containers. I had never seen anything quite like this; he had a container with brown rice, one with vegetables, and another beans and some sea vegetable dish. I asked him to please explain to me what it was he was eating. During our conversation he shared with me that he had Hodgkin's lymphoma, and had been working on his health recovery using macrobiotic dietary and lifestyle principals under the guidance of his Kushi Institute counselor. He had also attended Kushi Institute's week-long recovery program, Way to Health, in 2007. 

I had noticed that he had lost 50-60 lbs, but I had not thought much of it. I asked him at that point how his condition was now, and he said that macrobiotics had really helped him. I proceeded to quiz the heck out of him, and then when I got back home I immediately did a search to find the Kushi Institute's website. Excitedly, I saw the date for the next session of Mini Way to Health and signed up immediately! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the experiential program, and all of the wonderful knowledge I was now equipped with. I knew I wanted to come back as soon as possible! I floundered as I began my own macrobiotic practice at home, and knew I could benefit very much from additional education. When I had more time off the following year, I enrolled in the Way to Health Plus program to get better cooking guidance.

During the program I decided to have a one-on-one consultation with a macrobiotic counselor. I met with Edward Esko, and shared my immediate health problems with him: kidney stones, chronic sinus infections, and constant drainage. I had received no relief from any of the medications or treatments that my ear, nose, and throat specialists prescribed; I had received oral medications and medications to spray in my nose. My psoriasis had been flaring up a lot more lately as well. Edward shared with me that he had recently been working with another client who had been suffering with psoriasis for years, and with following Edward's recommendations he had experienced immediate relief. I was all ears! 

Edward told me that the whole milk lattes I had been enjoying for the past ten years from Starbucks had to go. He said that if I cut out whole milk, that that would take care of it. The next day I ordered a soy latte at Starbucks, and for the first time in as long as I can remember my arms immediately stopped burning. Fast forward one month later, and my drainage is almost entirely gone. I decided to conduct an experiment: I drank a whole milk latte again, and guess what? My drainage came back. Now I am sticking to drinking soy lattes and feeling great! 

Bob Heaton is a retired airline pilot who lives in Annapolis, MD. He also recovered from years of debilitating sinus infections by changing his diet.

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