Summer Conference 2020 update

Dear Friends,

For next year’s summer events, we are happy to announce a number of exciting changes to our schedule, format, and pricing. Our hope is to make the Macrobiotic Summer Conference more affordable, accessible, and meaningful for our students and friends around the world.

1.     New Format and New Dates: The week is divided into two events: 1) the Macrobiotic Summer Conference from Wednesday evening, August 12th until Sunday morning, August 16th and 2) the Spiritual Roots Getaway from Sunday afternoon, August 16th until Tuesday morning, August 18th. You can take one program or both. The location remains the same: Eastover Resort & Eco-Village in Lenox, MA.

2.     Tighter Schedule and Lower Cost: The 2020 Summer Conference will be condensed from 6 days to 4 days, allowing for tuition and room & board costs to be reduced by one third for those just attending this event. This is a reduction of $800+ from last year.

3.     Special Post-Conference Event: The theme of the special 2-day Getaway is “Rediscovering Our Spiritual Roots” and will include special studies at Eastover with the three of us and guest presenters. The Getaway will include a tour of the South River Miso Company and a meditation in the South River rice field, a ceremony at the new Aveline Kushi memorial site, a concert at Tanglewood Music Festival, and gourmet meals at Bizen and Paul & Elizabeth’s, the pioneer natural foods restaurant in Northampton founded by Michio and Aveline’s students forty years ago. Getaway costs will include all outside activities and are affordable and comparable to 2 days of Summer Conference.

4.     New Program Manager: This year we are happy to announce that Donna Clifford, R.N., a macrobiotic teacher and nurse in Salem, MA will be joining us as events coordinator, assisted by Mark Leonas, a macrobiotic teacher from South Deerfield, MA. Both Donna and Mark recently graduated from our Level 4 Advanced Studies Program.


Bettina Zumdick