A Mystery over the Mojave  - protecting yourself from Wireless Radiation

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By Cynthia Vann

The time has come to speak of EMF in a new context. A context of ever more powerful EMF and we, who are like the frog in the cooking pot that each day has the heat turned up more and more on him until he boils, have no idea what's coming. No one is talking about this. In the face of an era of unleashed microwave energy, there are voices that need to be heard; these are the scientists who have been warning us for over 50 years, and the sensitive people have been writing their stories. As a result, we may be able to better protect ourselves and preserve happiness for ourselves and future generations. 

When EMF bothers you, you must take some precautions. The first is to heal and become pain free before leaving the safety of your home environment. The next is to wear protective clothing when taking trips through more populated areas. Cell towers line the roads today, and having measured them, I discovered that cell tower emissions are higher or lower depending on population size. 

Having healed my pain and assembled my clothing, my friend and I left for the Vegetarian Educational Institute's (VEI) summer camp in Pinecrest, California this July, a drive of 11 and 1⁄2 hours from Prescott, Arizona. Emissions from cell towers were minimal along our route until reaching Barstow, California. The desert was hot and empty of cell towers. I thought it might be interesting to measure the microwave levels in what seemed like a quiet patch of desolate landscape. We were on highway 58 headed to Mojave and the road was not a freeway. There were stoplights, a few gas stations, some convenience stores, a few houses and some traffic lights along the way. Traffic was slow-going with more traffic than the stoplights would allow for brisk movement. 

A safe biological standard of exposure to microwaves is 1 mW/m2 (1 milli watt per meter squared) set by the International Bioinitiative Report of 2012. These standards are based on non-thermal exposures based on biology and are set 10,000X lower than the USA, Canada and most Western countries, which are not based on biology. No one enforces this standard. 

As we crawled along the road, the first measurements were for 12 mW/m2, then 8 then 5, then 50 then 81, 109, 191 and a high of the day at 214. These fluctuations, at very high levels above the biological standard, which I hadn't seen even for smart meters, kept bombarding us for about 50 miles. They stopped around Mojave. Symptoms suffered in my friend, about an hour later, were a burning arm, extreme nausea, urgent bowel movement accompanied by a feeling like poisoning, and then total exhaustion for the following 12 hours. My symptom was a short lived bout of imbalance. When we arrived at the VEI camp the next day and told our story, a friend who had traveled the same way said she had a burning arm also. 

After camp I looked for clues about what would have caused such high radio frequency (RF) levels. I discovered the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex (GDSCC) on Ft Irwin property just 25 miles northeast of Barstow. The complex has five highest-power-on-earth telecommunications radar dishes which communicate to and receive communications from Voyager and all manned and unmanned outer space vehicles. They are like gigantic cell phones. The reason the area is devoid of cell towers is so there will be no interference with GDSCC transmissions. Visitors to the site are given educational talks, but a sign warns of danger of death if getting too close to the radar. We were not close at 25 – 75 miles away. 

Did the GDSCC site personnel not know that microwaves were spewing in the direction of route 58 from these radar antennas? My friend got the same symptoms going through the area last year but didn't now about the RF measurements then. When I went through the area twice in April, 2018, I 

returned home feeling unbalanced and nauseous, a possible symptom of a broken blood brain barrier from RF overexposure. The blood-brain barrier usually heals quickly and there were no symptoms the following morning or since. An upcoming article will discuss the science and symptoms of damaged blood-brain barrier. Although self-healing, too much blood-brain barrier exposure to microwaves can cause more serious cumulative effects. 

In a final word, you can't assume anything in an era where human safety is not a priority either by the telecom industry or the military. Cindy Duehring, an American medical student who was awarded the alternative Nobel Prize, the Right Livelihood Award, in 1997 has written that never before in the history of mankind have we had such a global epidemic that has been ignored by the authorities. (The Invisible Disease

I recommend reading books that discuss the science, the history of EMF and stories of sensitive people. Two fine books are The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenburg and EMF off! by Olga Sheean. 


Cynthia Vann discovered macrobiotics after retiring from the Air Force in the early 990s. She studied at Kushi Institute and is a macrobiotic counselor and a personality consultant, specializing in eyeology sciences. She edited the Best of East West, seasonal cooklets of recipes originally published in East West Journal which were then published by Amberwaves. She is currently studying with David Briscoe to enlarge her Chef experience. She lives in Arizona and is on the board of Planetary Health, Inc.


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